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O H !

Oh ! scrap

Re-inventing textile waste

Inspired by the tea bag art of Ruby Silvious and fabric layering techniques, 'Oh scrap !' is a sustainable project of using waste fabric trims and yarns as their own aesthetic and making a story out of them.

Basically a small attempt to make textile 'garbage' look pretty :)

The whole project revolves around how one cotton t shirt takes up to 700 gallons to produce and how basic the concept of up cycling should be in today's world. During this journey i realized how much we take from nature and how less we return it. 

illus grey_edited.jpg

These travel journals made with 100% fabric waste and handmade paper costs extremely minimal because of it's abundant raw material.



The process was very easy here, i just segregated fabric scraps and trims into groups of aesthetic bunch of fabrics having different textures and palettes. Used 100% handmade paper for these journals to make it more environment friendly. Punched the whole thing together with the help of some rivets and voila ! up cycled textile waste at home.


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